Sept 22: Panel Preparation with Charles Kapsner


This workshop  deals with all aspects of  panel preparation.  Make the painting your own from the support on up,

If you work on panels, this workshop is not to be missed!


We will look at various types of panels including masonite, raw woods and commercially sold panels.

We will learn about rabbit skin glue sizing, gesso priming, linen mounted on panels, and why you do not use acrylic as your base.

There will also be time to prep a panel for Charles' Still Life Painting Workshop, coming up in October.

Students will receive a booklet outlining the information covered in this workshop.

Slide Show of the Studio of Signorina Nerena Simi

We will also have a brief slide show on the studio and teachings of Signorina Nerena Simi (1890-1987, Florentine). Charles Kapsner was a student of the Signorina from 1974-79, and is now working on a book about her.

Newsflash! Charles Kapsner just named an ARC Associate Living Master™

We are happy to announce that Charles just received this honor from ARC, the Art Renewal Center. All classes he teaches are now ARC approved.

Read About Charles Kapsner, class descriptions

Dates, Times, and Fees

Saturday September 22, 2018

10:30 - 2:30

Fee: $150

A materials list will be provided. All materials are available at Wet Paint, St. Paul, MN.

Registration and Payment

Use the pay pal button below to hold your place, and email to let us know you are coming.