James Shoop: Molding and Casting Workshop

"Alaethea"  James Shoop


  • You will supply your own small clay sculpture, and be guided through the process of capturing the shape and details of the sculpture with a rubber mold. 
  • Next, you will be instructed on creating a plaster mother mold on the outside of the cured rubber.
  • After the mold is complete we will make plaster casts of the original sculpture.
  • Other types of mold making and casting techniques will also be discussed.

Instructor: James Shoop

Shoop has received awards at the Art Renewal Center Salon Competition, the Spectrum Fantastic Art Competition, and the Chelsea Award Competition.

Major clients include Disney, D.C. Comics, Warner Brothers.

Prerequisite: must have completed previous sculpture projects, and have a sculpture less than 9" tall that you would like to cast.  

Need a small sculpture? 

There's still time to make a bust or torso working  from the model at Sculpture Club! 

Email us for details.

SEPTEMBER 28, 29 and OCTOBER 5, 6

TImes: 10:00 - 2:30 each day

Location: St. Paul, MN. email us for further details

Fee: $575.

Materials fee of $100  

Materials provided include: 

Smooth-On  (Brush-On 40 Rubber

Molding Plaster

Hemp fiber for the Mother Mo

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Registration and Payment

  • Please Email to let us know you are coming. 
  • Pay the $150 "Hold my Space" fee below, or by check. Balance due at the time of the workshop.

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James Shoop (715) 483-5140

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James Shoop Workshop in Molding and Casting. Balance of fees due on Day 1 of the Workshop. Non-refundable.